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Here's a kitty cat Saul to get us started.


Honestly, I'm worried BCS is gonna end badly. I know it was never gonna live up to Felina but it just seems kinda dumb right now. Also the black and white gimmick hurt me eyes


I've heard people say that BCS is much better than BB but it really doesn't scratch that itch for me. Firstly, it doesn't feel like Jimmy has changed nearly as much as Walt did in BB. Second, BB was much more explosive, both literally and figuratively, which I enjoy. The violence of BB and the way the characters in Breaking Bad blew up emotionally was extremely satisfying.

R.I.P. Nachos Viagra.

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General for JRPGS, VNs, fighting games, you get the idea.

Anyone play the Xeno series? I'm like 80% done with Xenoblade 3 and it's easily the best of the trilogy (I don't count X. No one counts X.) Also who is best girl and why is it Mio?

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