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A proper rules list: coming soon to an imageboard near you!

Welcome home — by pinkerton at 08/09/22 (Tue) 22:47:26

22chan shall not die peacefully; instead, its death is to be sad and spasmodic. So, 22channers, rejoice: the greatest imageboard to have ever graced the world wide web has returned. After being cast out of our Holy Land, forced to wander the desolate wastelands of livechan for generations, our prayers have finally been answered – 22chan is back and more autistic than ever before. Spread the word, tell of the Good News to your online friends, grandparents and pets.

Admittedly, the site sort of sucks right now. With a lack of users, it’s hard to gauge exactly what direction the site should go in. As such, we’ve created a site discussion thread – feel free to be pissy in there but genuine criticisms and suggestions are much appreciated (banners for the top of the site, ideas for rules, feature requests and so on).

To start, there are three boards for your posting pleasure:

- /b/ - Random
- /cm/ - Culture & Media
- /sew/ - The Sewers

The idea is that these highly generalized boards will foster enough conversations for us to understand how and if we need to fraction boards. For example, /b/ will be used for general discussion. If lots of people talk about weapons or world history or basket weaving, we would then do a test board for each of those topics and see if conversations continue there in a meaningful way. We understand that the dissolution of the /pol/ board on the old 22chan was a bit of a sticking point so for the time being political conversations are completely allowed on /b/ and if they become enough of a draw for users we will create a proper /pol/ board. In essence, the fate of this site is in (You)r hands.

I would also appreciate it if users would go into the site discussion thread to write a few words about what made the original site special for them so I, as the admin, could try to steer the site in that direction and make it a welcome place for all 22chan oldfags.

[email protected] to apply for a staff position or give suggestions or confess your sins or whatever.

Cheers and happy posting.

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