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Ayo dudes, as a few of you probably know, ive been cumming into a cup ever since my gf left me. Today i was moving some dishes around and i noticed that the cup-liquids are a bit reddish? I always cum into it at night, so i havent seen my splurge in a while - not too sure how long this has been going on. Anyone have some experience/ know whats going on? Should i see a doctor?


Maybe you're confusing it with the pee cup. Did you try doing a taste test?


22chan was a mistake


>>2 Nope, i have a special pee bottle i ordered off wish, i would never confuse the two, also i came into my hand yesterday to see if the problem is at the source, but it was the regular yellow it always has been. I might take it under a microscope to see if theres something suspicious there

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